Ways to stretch shoes

Sometimes it happens that the shoes, which is fitting in the store seemed ideal, is small in the "field" conditions. In addition, with the beginning of the boom in online shopping stores, many people are faced with the fact that your favorite thing after buying mercilessly squeezing and rubbing her feet. So, reluctantly throw lovely boots or shoes, purchased at an attractive price? Of course not! We'll tell you about the ways that will gently stretch shoes.

1. Wear shoes at home. This is the easiest option, if your shoes are not so small as to be totally unfit for use. Just wear it in the house, as long as it does not adapt to your feet. It may take a couple of days, but the end result is worth it.

2. In order to properly stretch the tight leather shoes, boots or shoes, wear very thick socks that you have (or several pairs of thin socks) and then "vtisnite 'feet in shoes. Point the warm stream of air with a hair dryer for shoes for 20-30 seconds. Then remove the source of heat, but leave the shoes on his feet as long as it cools. Now try to put on shoes with socks or stockings usual.

stretching shoes and socks hairdryer

Repeat the procedure as long as the shoes are not to be perfect to sit on your feet.

Also, remember that water is a negative impact on the state of leather shoes, so that wet shoes need to be dried carefully. In any case, do not dry them before the fire or on top of the radiator. You can speed up the drying process and help wet shoes and boots to keep the shape, filling them with newspapers.

3. Put in a couple of shoe firmly tied two plastic bags filled with water. Packages must fill in all the space shoes. Then put your shoes in the freezer and leave it up as long as the water does not freeze. As the freezing point of water, it will expand, gently stretching the skin.

Remove the shoes from the freezer. Better not get packages at once, and give them to thaw for about 20 minutes. If the desired result is not achieved, repeat the procedure. This method is not suitable in the case of expensive shoes.

Packages with water shoes

Effective methods of stretching the shoes at home.

4. In a small zipper, bag, put dry beans. They have to fill three quarters of the pouch. Add a few teaspoons of water and close the bag. Water will cause swelling of the bean. This will stretch your shoes gradually and cautiously.

Put the bag in your new pair of shoes. Remove some beans or add more, depending on your individual needs. Check the shoes after a while. If an hour of grain not swell enough, add a little more water.

Instead beans can be used any grain which swells greatly in water.

5. To stretch your shoes, use alcohol spray. Fill spray composition, which is 50% of alcohol and 50% water. Apply the spray inside each shoe and wear for about 20 minutes. Note that the alcohol dries quickly, so do not loiter with obuvaniem.

Furthermore, it is possible simply to wipe alcohol directly those parts of the shoe, to be stretched.

6. Boil potatoes (preferably a large, reddish-brown potato), put it in the shoes and leave overnight. Make sure that the potato is large enough to protrude slightly out of the shoe.

Murphy will not only help to stretch the shoes, but also removes any unpleasant odor. A "traces" can be erased easily with a damp cloth.

7ю Finally, the most expensive, but also the most efficient way. Give your shoes a professional shoemaker who knows how to properly stretch them. Some of them have special devices that enable accurate impact pressure and heat in the shoes. Accuracy and ease of use of the service may cost invested cost, especially in case of a road or custom footwear. Expect it to take about a day.

Professional stretching shoes

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