Trends Fall-Winter 2013/2014

That will fall, we begin to think in the spring, when the fashion capitals - Milan, Paris, New York - are displays. However, fashion-editors and fashion bloggers are not in a hurry to open the curtain ahead of time, observing all the laws of the genre.

Rough shoes

30092013_001.jpgThe summer is over, delicate sandals and ballet flats tucked away in the closet, and we are preparing for the cold and slush. It was at this time of year we want to choose something most convenient and desirable as possible warmer. Tough shoes for charming women's legs, decorated with laces, buckles, fur, studs or spikes, just give us the opportunity to meet fall fully armed, while remaining fashionable and modern.

To create a harmonious way designers recommend shoes with a mix of clothing in the style of rock or military, or, conversely, to play on the contrast of tenderness and brutality. Feel free to wear your tough boots with skinny jeans or jeggings with long A-line skirts of wool or with a light pleated maxi skirts. If you choose a short dress, a skirt or shorts - tight dress tights and high socks made ??of wool or cotton.

Practical wedge

Boots, boots, ankle boots, shoes and even sneakers Wedge again gaining momentum in popularity. These shoes will be the perfect compromise for those who love high heels, but wants the cold season feel more stable. Today, one can find as extraordinary models in which the wedge - the main decoration and classic versions, where the main emphasis is placed on the upper part of the shoe, and a wedge is a convenient and practical addition.

30092013_002.jpg30092013_003.jpgIf you choose boots , then combine them with jackets, short jackets or trench coats. Short skirt, dress or shorts are best to wear with black tights in the color of the shoe to visually make your legs longer. If you wear pants, let it be either skinny jeans or slacks flared, almost completely covering the heel.

If you choose boots with wedge heels , the outerwear can be any - you can safely wear a fur coat, sheepskin coat, a bright coat or jacket. Skirts or dresses can be straight or flared, short or long to the knee. A good choice - tight pants tucked into boots - the combination adds visual height and makes you slimmer.

The stylish studs and rivets

30092013_004.jpg30092013_005.jpgShoes with spikes and studs for several seasons in a row - a definite favorite of urban fashionistas. These shoes look very bright and a bit aggressive, but there are models that, despite the abundance of metal decor, do not lose their grace. Shoes, boots or ankle boots with spiked heels, heel, toe, and even covered with such bold and sharp accessories completely stressed extraordinary character of their owner.

When choosing shoes, boots or ankle boots with studs , the most important thing is not to overdo it with accessories - such shoes in itself is a strong emphasis in your wardrobe. Try to avoid small details of dress: to look stylish give preference to the most understated cut. Best of all shoes with spikes and studs with jeans and leather jackets. And if you like experiments - safely wear knitted dresses, tight pencil skirts or trousers breeches. In this case, no harm will complement the outfit big, brutal jewelry and clutches, trimmed with studs - most importantly, to match the color of the metal decoration on shoes and accessories.

Noble velor

30092013_006.jpgOne of the most popular materials for shoes this season - velor. Not surprisingly, his main advantage - the ability to create shoes unusually rich and luscious colors. In addition, these shoes perfectly hugs the leg, perfect disguises any flaws and keeps the heat.

Made of suede leather cattle or pig skin. After a long and thorough process, get this incredibly soft, velvety and very tender to the touch, and thanks to modern technology it is quite affordable. Since velvet is made ??of genuine leather, then with proper care these shoes can last for a long time. The main thing to follow a few simple rules:


  • Immediately after the purchase process the shoes repellent - this will help to protect your boots or ankle boots from dirt, water and salt solutions.
  • Try to wear shoes made of velor in dry weather. If it does get wet shoes - do not rush immediately to clean it: first a good dry.
  • From time to time, arrange your boots "steam bath" - such a procedure will help to restore their velvety texture.
  • Be sure to purchase a special paint-spray - it will help you as long as possible, to enjoy the depth and brilliance of your favorite shoes.

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