Types of classic men's shoes

Among the items of men's wardrobe shoe has a special place: shoes or boots are the defining element of masculine style. Unsuitable on a style and color shoes can spoil the impression of an expensive suit.

The main criterion that separates all men's shoes - is the presence of lacing . If the lacing is - shoes can be, subject to a low-key colors, and some other parameters are related to the business style. If there is no lacing - shoes designed for informal situations.

The most popular classic lace-up boots - it's oxfords and derbies , neshnurovannye - Monkey and Laufer .

Oxford (The Oxford)

How to distinguish? Oxford - is laced shoes, the most classic, most business, the most traditional of all. Oxfords ankle boots feature (side of the shoe) rigidly stitched to the front of the V-shaped and interlocking over language, which tied with laces is almost invisible (closed lacing).

Where to wear? Oxford - this is the shoes, which is usually put to coats, tuxedos or "protocol" classic costume .

With what? If your life had a chance to try on these clothes, you know - for a dress coat - patent leather oxfords, a tuxedo - the usual black.

Derby (The Derby)

How to distinguish? Derby - a free classic style with open lacing. High boots (the side of the shoe) are sewn on top of the front part, which is integral with the tongue.

Where to wear? Less "official" shoes for the costume. Accordingly, Derby shoes, suitable for office or for casual events.

With what? Derby are the most versatile shoes. Black derby can be worn with suits, and brown or two-color (eg, red-brown) to not wear pants with an informal style - for example, velvet - or with jeans.

Laufer (The Loafer)

How to distinguish? most important feature of loafers - the lack of any laces or buckles, which is characteristic of moccasins as a whole (and loafers occurred precisely on the model of men's shoes). Loafers moccasin shape borrowed from the top, but are more broad and flat sole. The main difference between them is to recognize the presence of cords with tassels on the ends of performing, but only a decorative function. On most modern models of this inlay is missing.

Where to wear? It's the most comfortable shoes for walking, no buckles and lacing. As this kind of jewelry is often decorated with tassels shoes and leather horizontal stripe.

With what? They can be worn with rolled up pants, with a shirt with rolled up sleeves.

Monkey (The Monks)

How to distinguish? without laces, but is decorated with a metal buckle.

Where to wear? It is not recommended to put on formal occasions.

With what? Such shoes can be worn in everyday life and at work with jeans or trousers. The most popular in the world of Black Monk, which combine well, for example, with trousers in dark gray and a blazer.

Brogues (Full Brouges)

How to distinguish? informal kind oxford - brogues - with an oval toe, which is often applied with a perforation pattern on almost all the surface of the shoe. W-shaped cut adjacent to the toe of the shoe main body. By and large, all the male shoes with perforations can be called brogues. The only difference is in the number of perforated details.

Where to wear? Brogy should not be worn with a formal suit. Such men's shoes for less formal occasions and looks perfect with wool or tweed suits.

With what? full brogues (with W-shaped toe) is better to wear with jeans or with some soft colored trousers.

So how many pairs of shoes should be a man? At a minimum, there must be a pair of black oxford for formal meetings, negotiations and for the device to work. For more informal occasions are necessary brown brogues and Laufer, which can be worn with trousers and jeans.

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