Shoes in figures

1 - The minimum set of footwear should consist of 6 pairs: the classic casual shoes, running shoes, summer sandals, enabling walking on the beach and in the city, evening shoes or sandals, demi boots insulated lining to wear them even in the cold, boots or Booties.

2 - Try to have your shoe heel height was different. Constant wearing tall studs can lead to atrophy of the Achilles tendon, the elasticity of which have long to recover.

3 - Heeltaps me in time. This can be done in almost any shoe repair shop. If you do not trust them, contact your place of purchase.

4 - Going for shoes, do not forget to bring along the thickness of the socks, which are you going to wear shoes, sneakers or boots. Although many stores are thin socks to try on you will be offered free of charge, it is possible that in many cases, you'll need something dense.

5 - Do not buy shoes when you are not tired feet. Otherwise, the next day, the couple may be great to you or, on the contrary, is small (it was not in the swollen feet!).

6 - trying on a couple, do not hesitate to spend a few minutes in it. Sit down, a bit like, of course, without spoiling its presentation.

7 - Going to the store, clearly decide what it is you need. Everything else seen - just memorize, not an example.

8 - Going to the store, put on the clothes you are looking for shoes. So you will be easier to make a decision. If you choose a few pairs of shoes, grab a versatile skirt and pants.

9 - High quality footwear is different in leather, flat seams (especially the heel), resistant soles and hard toe and heel. On the heel stitches lining and shoes do not have to match. High heels are always checked against the immobility - it must be absolute. Also note whether the model can be flat on the shelf. If not - is likely to walk in it you can not.

10 - Leather soles are in need of prevention. It is put only on the polished sole or lightly polished with socks. Together with the sole Change your taps, that was not the height difference.

11 - If you discover a week later that the newly purchased shoes - is successful, and the budget allows - feel free to buy a second pair. Have two - very practical.

12 - Do not break in shoes at home. It will only spoil its appearance.

13 - If the shoes are too tight at the top, do not expect that it will stretch with wear. It enclosing a special tough tape.

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