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Anara (c. Aktobe)
22.04.2014 14:31

Good day! Tell me please, when Aktobe open Buti AIT?

Hello! In the near future opening is planned.
Anna (c. Almaty)
20.04.2014 11:42

Good afternoon. Gilda Tonelli acquired bag in your store. But the site Tonelli not find this model? And on your site, this brand is not listed?

Hello! The official website of Gilda Tonelli displayed not the entire collection they offer.
Natalia (c. Astana)
04.04.2014 01:28

Good afternoon.

Shoe size 34.Ranshe could always preobresti demi-season and summer shoes and always happy vyborom.Osobenno mine DONNA Laura. But now in the range of sizes from 35.34 size of other brands and high kablukah.Proshu you order 34 size.

Hello! Thanks for the feedback, we will consider.
Zhanar (c. Astana)
28.03.2014 17:01

Hello In general, all ustaivaet long time and do not possess, periodically you shoes, but why not me who has never offered a discount card. Usually buy in Keruene.

Hello! In TRC "Keruen" not our department, already a year! Discount cards are not issued and valid at the time of seasonal sales and promotions.
Natalia (c. Astana)
27.03.2014 18:19

Hello, I bought a year ago in your salon in Voentorg winter boots Fabiani model Nappa Nera,

recently discovered that the sole on the left boot broke, and in several places.

Can no longer wear them, even if the workshop and will undertake to do something, they form after repair is not the same.

It's a shame when you pay a lot of money and consumer goods poduchaesh instead.

Hello! Handle such an accusation A YEAR unacceptable, responsible for the operation of shoes already on YOU! Refund or exchange is made within 14 days of purchase!
Altynshash (c. Astana)
17.03.2014 14:55

In one of our Salons AIT ( Nyne FABIANI ) 22.12.2013g. in TRC Mega husband priobrel zimnûû shoes. ODNAKO the next day , on Monday and will leave her shoes on the street behave What to shine Unable to walk this winter ! Tak as shoes okazalis score and skolʹzkimi ! Priehav for lunch Home on leave shoes, poprosil MENA otvezti her master repair shine , for correcting the skolʹzkoj soles. I do not otkladyvaâ this business in dolgij Box otpravilasʹ in TRC Azara , where rabotaut Professional Crafts of this. Shoes not prinâli , skazav What to TAKOJ outsole will not be by no means OBRAZOM deržatʹsâ material , What will be on permanent otkleivatʹsâ. And you recommend nakleitʹ Conventional medical plaster. I rang the bell in your salon , obʺâsnila situations and poprosila make refund Shine and Vernut us money , Poehali Take shoes, no director salons do not Okazalos , poprosili Leave shoes and promise to call vyâsneniâ situations. Ždala Zvonko sleduûŝego to dinner , I decided to call itself. In response uslyšala , CTO of money vozvraŝatʹ not budut. V Replace suggested this same shoes and 5,000 tenge for "prophylactic" Shine. Them and sent to TRC Han Šatyry. Tam on Klei outsole.

Now the month of March. On shoe formed some scrapes, under which it is seen that the shoes which you refer to as "leather" not from the skin, and can request a price or from a cheap imitation leather! And you have the nerve to call this a fake Italian shoes!

Very sorry, that did not insist on a refund!

The staff at Mega Mall inconsiderate! Arrogant! The so-called "director salon" incompetent! Never deigned to meet!

Hello, We apologize for the rudeness of the staff , we have to strive for !
As for your dissatisfaction :
1) Shoes with slippery soles , marriage IS NOT !!!
2) You have the right to make a refund within 14 days from the purchase date if the shoe saved presentation (not dressed , has no scuffs , scratches, itd )
3) We stand behind the quality of our products , each shoe company has a legitimate document proving the manufacturer and product quality. Otherwise , you can take the shoes on independent expertise !
Please note that the company you went on giving concessions pay 5,000 tenge "prophylaxis " Your shoes ! It is unfortunate that we were unable to satisfy your needs ! We value your opinion , will be glad to see you again !
Sincerely, the company's management "AIT"
Elena (c. Almaty)
10.03.2014 01:08

Thank you for excellent service in the store Arena, counselors are great! There is a desire to become pokupatelem.Kstati when planned discounts on winter collection.

Hello! Glad to see you again. Discounts on winter collection has come to an end because starts new season
Satarbaeva Bakit
17.02.2014 12:38

Yesterday bought for my daughter in Boots Mega, very good service. Consultants know their stuff

Lyazzat (c. Astana)
15.02.2014 14:40

Hello! I want to thank the staff of the store in the LCD "Highvill." Very pleased with the quality of your shoes. You recently acquired winter boots. As it turned out, that they gave me a bit small. Tragically the next size you anymore. Can I order you the same model? Ready to make a prepayment. Model Lepepe.R Dr. 31734. I would be very grateful.

Hello! Unfortunately this is not possible, but most likely next winter will be given other models of this brand, it is possible that it will repeat. We'll keep your request and look forward to seeing you again!
Dinara (c. Astana)
06.02.2014 17:58

Good day! Would like to thank and celebrate your staff in the shop in the LCD "Highway". The girls are very friendly and attentive. It should be noted separately Asim, grateful for the fitted model boots, very comfortable and the price is really fun).

Thank you, your store would like to return.

Hello! Thank you, glad to see you again!
Kuralay (c. Astana)
06.02.2014 00:39

Hello, love to shop in your store, especially after moving in with Queyroix Highvill. Very comfortable. Pleasing friendly and attentive consultants. I want to thank Asim, for help in choosing the right shoes. Happy with purchase and service.

Hello! Thank you, glad to see you again!
Venera Turarbekovna
05.02.2014 16:43


Like to express my appreciation for the attentive and friendly service in your shop, located in a residential complex "Highvill Astana". "Thank you" I want to say Akilbaevoy Asim and Jeanne Serekbaevoy. Always pick the model kotoroya will like and leg!

I wish you prosperity, success and more buyers!

Your customer Venera Turarbekovna.

Hello! We thank you for such kind words!
04.02.2014 15:39

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

I want to express my deep gratitude Balahchinoy Tatiana seller consultant head branch located in the territory of the LCD "Keremet" g.Almaty.Tatyana demonstrated extraordinary courtesy and professionalism and helped me choose the right obuv.V result, I am very happy not only buying but most importantly I made obsluzhivaniem.Pokupku Sunday 02.02.2014g.

Hello! We are glad that we could help you in choosing the shoes!
02.02.2014 23:22

Hello! I'm your regular customer who spent many years with gratitude visiting your stores. It should be noted in your team Keremet to thank Nasty and Alena for the fact that girls are always friendly and attentive to our regular clients. I would like to thank the administration of the company AIT.

Hello, Thank you for such kind words and dedication to our company!
Louise (c. Almaty)
01.02.2014 23:50
Good day .... long time girlfriend advised to visit your store for Baitursynov today chose the time and was really dovalna .... large selection of shoes (very beautiful), and are not even very bad, the girl who served me was very friendly .. nice .... go into these stores. Now I will wait for the night ... I found out about rasrodazhu Novaya point and MEGA, will be in that part is not applicable'll go .... Overall pleased with herself and her husband landed.

Hello! Thank you for being with us. About the beginning of the night the sale, we report for the day.
Tatiana (c. Almaty)
29.01.2014 18:42
Long time know your company and periodically buy shoes. Very happy with the quality.
I would like to receive SMS alerts rasprodazhah.Tel.8-777-** - *** -23

Hello! SMS alert owners come discount cards.
Janna (c. Almaty)
28.01.2014 16:31
Good afternoon, members of the wonderful shop "AIT", the fact that I preobretat you boots "iceberg" in Mega Almaty department Fabiani 26 / January, as came home and saw that within the skin, defective, ie porvannost skin from the inside! Because of the work I can not come to the show and Megu, I would like to know if I can be exchanged for the same model, but without the marriage, as there is no need to get the money, I really like this model. Ask you to call or respond to a review. Sincerely Jeanne. Disk. karta 1**4. Phone 8-701 - *** - ** -03

Hello! You need to drive and show the manager shoes, only to find the problem and examined in person, you will be able to help. As well you should call the department where you explain more details. Tel: 225-04-03
Takenova Hulmyra (c. Almaty)
27.01.2014 15:27
With great pleasure to write words the gratitude Blinova Elena employee at your store for Baitursynova unchanged (for almost 11 years) attentive, friendly, responsible attitude to customers! I think it is the right approach personnel - would be desirable in the first place to go for the required purchase it to you, thanks again!

Thank you for being with us for many years! Looking forward to seeing you again!
Marina (c. Almaty)
14.01.2014 22:54
Hello ! I'm your new client learned about the store from a friend came to Keremet and was very pleased with the choice as well as the acquired purchase. Shop is nice and big just loved the ground floor, the girl who served me was polite and attentive little Korean I then realized that there is an older , at the cashier told me that there is a new store in Mega , which for me was very useful information that I live next to a Megoy.Hotelos be found at registration my 5 % will always operate or there is a limit ?

P&S: With respect to your customer.

Hello! Thank you for such kind words, glad to see you again! 5% are in addition to the discount card, discount for birthday and acts during stocks and sales.
Aina (c. Astana)
08.01.2014 14:49
Good day! Bought you shoes Accademia. They do not have the stones ie marriage was missing stones, I was told that within 2 months of the year has passed all solved, but no result. What do I do?

Hello! You need to bring shoes in our salon at Mega Mall Astana. Just seeing what we need to buckle her book for you!


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