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We choose the discount!

Always nice to get a discount with any purchase. The ideal solution is to buy a preferential service with discount cards.That is why one of the priorities of the company «AIT» is to empower the discount system.Discount card has always been a special sign of attention and respect to his client. Choose a discount card and save a significant amount on your purchase! And we, in turn, always ready to answer all questions that arise when using the discount system.

What is the discount?

Discount - discount from the retail price advertised product or service provided by the seller to the buyer (client), or leave for a pre-agreed with the client tier prices (wholesale, dealer and so on).

What are the discounts?

Discount system company «AIT» suggests the presence of different types of discount cards.

In the salons are always promotions for customers.

On the day of birth of the client performs an additional 5% discount.

All of the firm's clients with a discount card, inform the SMS - message on receipt of a new collection or the start of sales.

A gift certificate received for FREE from the company "AIT" during the action, used only on goods worth over 20 000 KZT.

or goods worth less than 20 000 KZT. The certificate is not valid.

Conditions of the shares held by the firm "AIT" may change at any time and unilaterally.

During the sales discount cards are not valid and are not given!

Promo code

- 5% discount in shops «AIT»

- discount is not valid while stocks and sales

- Get a discount



Discount of 5% 

Discount of 5%

Discount cards 

Discount cards